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The long-standing feud between Bahamut and Tiamat, has finally devolved into a full fledged war. The Material Plane is on the brink of complete destruction. Almost all creatures have chosen a side, and are now locked in a war that last without end. A small group of the planes most powerful beings have gathered together to search for a way to end the bloodshed, by any means necessary.

This gathering is made up of both good, and evil creatures, who have one thing in common. They all wish to survive. Your party is comprised from select members of the gathering, and are tasked with searching the Material Plane, for the most powerful objects in existence. With these you hope to force the Dragon Gods into a truce, or in the worst case scenario, attempt to destroy them.

The campaign will be starting at level 1. It would be best if you could submit characters with the ability to be easily switched to the opposite alignment, so we can get a mix of both evil, good, and unaligned. Player killing will be prohibited, unless stated otherwise. Divine classes that wish to be evil can select one of the evil pantheon other than Tiamat. The same goes for good and Bahamut. The story is all of their followers have been called to serve in their war. All the other Gods are mainly staying neutral in the war, not wanting to evoke the wrath of the other side.

For character creation, any official WotC material may be used. No homebrew classes/races. We will be using Background and Themes. A balanced party would be useful, and increase your chances of success, but if you really have your heart set on a specific role/class we can find a way to make it work.

Home Page

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